The Public Sector Group Insurance Plan (PSGIP) is designed to provide group insurance benefits to plan beneficiaries as determined by the parties (employers and unions).

It helps protect you for the times in your life when you need assistance covering health and dental expenses and provides financial protection in times of illness, injury or unexpected events.

The plan is guided by in the following principles:

  • Quality - provides sound financial protection in times of need.
  • Comprehensive - provides a wide range of benefits for both you and your family in times of illness, injury or unexpected events.
  • Convenient - offers a practical drug card with many advantages - no need to pay the total cost of a drug up-front, no claim form to complete, and more.
  • Promotes responsibility - it’s your plan … and your money. As a result, you have a direct impact on both cost savings and increases.

PSGIP Trustees

The plan is managed by the PSGIP Trustees, a group of member appointees consisting of:

  • Chair - Erin Gauthier (Employer)
  • Vice Chair - Bobby Kennedy (CUPE)
  • CUPE: Bobby Kennedy
  • IUOE: Holly Brasky
  • PEINU: Jennifer Doyle
  • UPSE (Civil Service): Trevor MacKinnon
  • UPSE (Health): Carolyn Knox
  • Employer: Lane Pineau
  • Employer: Allison Wyatt
  • Employer: Pamela MacEachern
  • Employer: Erin Gauthier
  • Employer: Tracy Wolbaum

Trustees’ Mission

To achieve the plan’s objectives, the Trustees are committed to the following qualities:

  • Identify and analyse group insurance trends and best practices
  • Make recommendations to optimize the plan’s cost-effectiveness and long-term sustainability
  • Inform parties of all decisions
  • Educate beneficiaries on the plan and their role
  • Adhere to the Trust document at all times
  • Respect all legal documents and requirements

The PSGIP Trustees work diligently to ensure that the plan runs smoothly. They act solely in the best interests of the plan and its beneficiaries, in accordance with their mission statement and the Trust Document.

Activities of the PSGIP Trustees include:

  • establishing and administering the fund,
  • entering into all necessary contracts,
  • establishing and administering reserve funds,
  • appointing and monitoring the performance of the administrator, consultants, insurance carriers, etc.,
  • investing funds and paying expenses,
  • communicating regularly and openly with plan members and parties,
  • reviewing requests from parties for additional or expanded services,
  • making plan changes, where permitted, and
  • adjusting rates as a result of plan experience.

The Trustees, with the guidance of the Retiree Sub-Committee, review plan provisions annually and consider changes to the plan based on member requests and cost implications. The final decision on any plan changes rests with the Trustees.

The Fine Print

This member website summarizes the benefits and some provisions of your group insurance plan. It does not include all details, provisions, exclusions and limitations. This site supersedes and replaces all previous communication material. It does not constitute the group insurance policies and is not a contract of insurance, nor does it create or confer any contractual or other rights. Benefits may be changed at any time. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate. However, if there is any question as to interpretation, all rights with respect to an insured person will be governed solely by the official group insurance policies.

You may obtain a copy of the official group insurance policies by writing to:

Public Sector Group Insurance Plan Trustees
c/o HR Atlantic
20 Great George Street, Unit 201
Charlottetown PE C1A 4J6

Links to external sites are provided for information purposes only. PSGIP, its insurers and any party involved in creating the PSGIP website, are not responsible for the content of external sites, nor do they endorse any of the sites in any way. Also, external sites do not reflect your PSGIP coverage, nor are they part of your group insurance policies.